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Grants are available for four-year colleges, career schools, vocational training programs, and more. There is no age limitation on grants. Just decide which college, university, or career training program you wish to attend, fill out the FAFSA (which is the... Learn More


Domestic Violence Scholarships Designed to Empower Students

A law firm has established a $1,000 scholarship to assist those who have experienced or observed domestic violence.        Related StoriesGrants for College: Start Your Search HereArt Students Need Scholarship Love, TooCost and Value: What You Need to Know About Public and Private Colleges 

Is It Really Smart to Use Your Smartphone All the Time?

Nintety-nine percent of students have been guilty of doing this while working on homework or studying for a big test.        Related StoriesThe Nation’s Geekiest Campus May (or May Not) Surprise YouTobacco-Free Colleges Becoming More And More CommonApril Fools’ Day Jokes So Smart, They Have To Be From Colleges & Universities 

Community Colleges – Categorized

With education of such big importance at any level, U.S. News & World Report released the first ever U.S. News Community College Directory.