Online Degrees From Alabama Colleges and Universities
by CB Staff
Search, find, and explore online degrees from Alabama colleges and universities. The state of Alabama is heavily invested in aerospace, banking, education, and health care, which means that Alabama colleges can provide hands-on, real-world education in these in-demand industries. Online degrees from Alabama colleges and universities ensure a world-class education, even if you never call the state your "Sweet Home."

Along with Kansas, Alabama shares the dubious distinction of having reported more F5 tornadoes than any other state. Plus, South Alabama reports more thunderstorms than any part of the U.S. Online degrees from Alabama colleges and universities allow you to get a top-notch education from a distance--and bypass the weather hassles!

There are currently more than 69 Alabama colleges and universities that students call their educational home. And these students of Alabama colleges are in good company, schooling in a state known for producing such celebs as Nat King Cole, the entertainer; and Joe Louis, the boxer. Online degrees from Alabama colleges enable you to enjoy the best the state has to offer--without ever entering the "Heart of Dixie."

Inside look at Alabama:*
Alabama is the second least tax-burdened state in the country.
Alabama has the world's longest constitution, roughly 40 times the length of the U.S. Constitution.
By early 2009, Alabama will surpass Detroit, Michigan, and become the largest builder of automobiles in North America.

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