Online Degrees From Arizona Colleges and Universities
by CB Staff
Explore online degrees from Arizona colleges and universities, home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world--the Grand Canyon. When you research online degrees from Arizona colleges, you'll find the education opportunities are a natural wonder in and of themselves.

Early in its history, Arizona's economy relied on the "Five C's": copper, cotton, cattle, citrus, and climate (tourism). Today, online degrees from Arizona colleges run the gamut from business and technology to education and health care. And by schooling online, you can reap the benefits of an education at Arizona colleges without ever braving the state's desert climate.

There are currently more than 75 Arizona colleges and universities that students call their educational home. And these students of Arizona colleges are in good company, schooling in a state known for producing such notables as 2008 presidential candidate John McCain and film director Steven Spielberg. Online degrees from Arizona colleges enable you to enjoy the best the state has to offer--without ever setting foot in the Grand Canyon.

Inside look at Arizona:*
In July 2006, Arizona was the fastest-growing state in the United States.
Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time, except in the Navajo Nation, located in the northeastern region of the state.
In 2003, for the first time, there were more Hispanic births in the state than white (non-Hispanic) births. Arizona is projected to become a minority-majority state by the year 2035, if current population growth trends continue.

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