Online Degrees From California Colleges and Universities
by CB Staff
Explore online degrees from California colleges and universities. Along with California's prosperous agricultural industry (including dairy, fruit, vegetables, and wine), the Golden State is known for its expertise in aerospace, petroleum, and computer and information technology. That means that California colleges can provide hands-on, real-world education in these in-demand industries. Online degrees from California colleges and universities ensure a world-class education, even if you never experience the diverse land firsthand.

To many, Los Angeles is viewed as the center of the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to television, film, and music production. Online degrees from California colleges and universities allow you to get a star-studded education from a distance--so you won't be distracted by all the real-life stars!

Among the many California colleges and universities to choose from are schools in the California State University system, the University of California system, and the California Community Colleges system. With close to 400 California colleges and universities to call home, students are never at a loss for options and opportunities on their education adventure. Find yourself through online degrees from California colleges.

Inside look at California:*
California is the most populous U.S. state--more than 12 percent of U.S. citizens live there.
In 2006, California had the largest minority population in the U.S., making up 57% of the state population.
In 2006, the gross state product of California was about $1.727 trillion, the largest in the United States.

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