Online Degrees From Hawaii Colleges and Universities
by CB Staff
Who wouldn't want to explore online degrees from Hawaii colleges and universities? After all, Hawaii is renowned for its gorgeous landscapes and laidback locals. With online degrees from Hawaii colleges and universities, you'll be learning from natives of a land full of beauty and tranquility. Hawaii colleges are the perfect place to begin your exploration of the world around you.

It's no surprise that tourism is the largest industry in Hawaii, followed by food exports such as coffee, pineapple, and sugarcane. Online degrees from Hawaii colleges and universities allow you to get a rich, diverse education from a distance - so you won't be distracted by all the beauty around you!

There are currently more than 280 Hawaii colleges and universities that students call their educational home. And these students of Hawaii colleges are in good company, schooling in a state known for producing such notables as 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama and actress Nicole Kidman. Online degrees from Hawaii colleges enable you to enjoy the best the state has to offer--even if you never get to say "aloha."

Inside look at Hawaii:*
Hawaii is the only state in the entire U.S. that continuously grows in area (due to currently active lava flows).
The average projected lifespan of those born in Hawaii is longer than the lifespan of residents of any other state.
Hawaii was the second majority-minority state in the U.S. (after New Mexico).

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