Online Degrees From North Carolina Colleges and Universities
by CB Staff
Higher education has been a big deal in North Carolina since the nation's first state university, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, opened its doors in 1795. Today, if you're thinking of pursuing an online degrees from North Carolina colleges and universities, you have plenty of options to choose from as the state continues to be an innovator in education. The great thing about earning an online degrees from North Carolina colleges is that without having to travel to a campus, you can learn and grow in your field of interest. From certificate programs to give your career a boost to full-fledged bachelor's, master's and professional degree programs, online schools in North Carolina can help you achieve your higher education goals.

With its bustling financial sector, graduating with an online degree from North Carolina will give business-minded students a leg up on the job competition. The same goes for those interested in studying travel and tourism, technology, and biotechnology, among many other fields. Completing an online degree in North Carolina can open doors, while offering the flexibility of learning at your own pace.

Currently, North Carolina is home to over 125 colleges, many of which offer students the option to take classes or complete programs online. Students working toward online degrees from North Carolina colleges and universities are in prime position for career success in the field of their choice, from business and technology and more.

Inside look at North Carolina:*
  • There's a long history of a commitment to higher education in North Carolina: the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the first state university in the country to open in 1795.

  • Charlotte, North Carolina's largest city of Charlotte serves as the nation's second largest banking and finance hub. The city is home to Bank of America and Wachovia, as well as five additional Fortune 500 companies.

  • North Carolina's Research Triangle Park is fast becoming a major center of information technology and biotechnology.

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