Online Degrees From North Dakota Colleges and Universities
by CB Staff
For those interested in pursuing a certificate, bachelor's or advanced degree program in North Dakota, but don't have the time or can't make the commute, online degrees in North Dakota may be the answer. Like most universities today, colleges in North Dakota have flexible online learning options for students who need to work at their own pace due to various life factors.

Agriculture is a big part of North Dakota's economy as it is primarily rural farm land. The state is also steeped in rich history, as it is the exploration site of Lewis and Clarke, as well as a travel hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts and those interested in cultural festivals. However, education in North Dakota prepares students for careers in a variety of industries, from business and communications to health care, education and even aerospace studies.

Embarking on an online degree program in North Dakota can solidify your future success in a number of industries, and equip you with the knowledge needed to succeed should you wish to relocate to and work in larger cities.

With over 20 colleges in North Dakota, students are sure to find an array online learning options to meet their needs and goals. Whether you intend to earn a certificate online or work toward a bachelor's degree or more advanced study, online schools in North Dakota can provide you with the opportunity to succeed.

Inside look at North Dakota:*
  • North Dakota ranks number one in the U.S. in the production of: spring wheat, durum wheat, sunflowers, barley, all dry edible beans, pinto beans, canola, flaxseed, all dry edible peas, honey, lentils, oats and navy beans.

  • North Dakota's economy is on the rise, with income growth of nearly 25 percent for its citizens since 2001.

  • The gross state product of North Dakota has grown to more than $24 billion annually since 2001, increasing by 37 percent.

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