Online Degrees from Oregon Colleges and Universities
by CB Staff
With a major high technology sector near the surrounding Portland area, it's no surprise that online degrees from Oregon colleges and universities are flourishing, too. That's because the "Beaver State" is dedicated to both education and technology, both of which are combined to help learners who simply cannot manage a to fit a rigid school schedule into their busy lives.

Whether you're interested in earning a certificate, finish that bachelor's degree, or go for an advanced degree, choose from online degrees from Oregon colleges and universities to achieve your goals. While technology is an important part of the Oregon economy, there are multitudes of other online degrees from Oregon college and universities. Programs are available in most of the major fields of study from education to health care to business to professional studies.

What's more is that there are nearly 60 Oregon colleges and universities, with many of them offering new online degrees each year. Especially if you're an Oregon resident, earning online degrees from Oregon colleges and universities can open doors to future employment opportunities. But the beauty of online learning, is that you'll share a classroom with people from all over the nation and the world.

Inside look at Oregon:*
  • Oregon is the headquarters of major corporations including Nike, Inc. Portland also boasts the most breweries of any other city. li>
  • Among the top 10 industries for employment in Oregon as of 2006 are professional and technical services, health care services, computer and electronic product manufacturing

  • Oregon will celebrate its 150th birthday in the year 2009.

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