Online Degrees From Virginia Colleges and Universities
by CB Staff
Virginia is certainly for lovers -- of education, that is. Over the years, the state has become home to more than 2,000 colleges and universities, and thanks to online education you can have access to them whether you live in the next county or across the country. In fact, when you enroll in online courses from Virginia colleges and universities, you'll be exposed to same instructors, assignments, and curricula, that you would have received had you attended in person.

Looking for other reasons to opt for an online education from Virginia colleges and universities? Consider how Virginia's ever-growing tech industry has managed to make computer chips the state's top export. Virginia's also a good choice if your interests lay in the government or a related industry. Thanks in part to nearby Washington D.C., 25 percent of Virginia's population is employed by the government. The state also has a long history of churning out presidents -- eight, in fact.

Inside Look at Virginia:*
  • Every year the Virginia State Fair, the Virginia Film Festival, and Anime USA are held in Virginia.

  • Famous Virginians include Sandra Bullock, Chris Brown, Patsy Cline, Katie Couric, Missy Elliott, Robert E. Lee, Timbaland, George Washington, and Tom Wolfe.

  • In 2006, Forbes ranked Virginia as the best state in the nation for business.
(*Source: Wikipedia,, College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board)

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