And the Best Colleges for Adults Going Back To College Are…

best colleges for adults going back to schoolIf you’re a nontraditional aspiring student — meaning you didn’t just graduate high school — you might be interested to know that there’s a new college ranking system created just for you. Best College Reviews recently released its Top 50 Colleges for Adults Going Back to College list, and it’s based on factors that you care about at this stage in your life, rather than who’s got the most school spirit or best frat houses. [Read more…]

8 Wacky College Majors

wacky college majors
For generations, moms and dads have been bugging their kids to choose a “practical” major. The following list is not only career-driven, but it also encompasses some of the most interesting and off the beaten path fields of study available to you.

See if any of these unexpected – even, dare we say it, wacky – college majors appeal to you. [Read more…]

Cost and Value: What You Need to Know About Public and Private Colleges

shutterstock_39798982On paper, if you’re going strictly by sticker price, it would seem that public colleges and universities are the much more affordable option as compared to private institutions. But as you may have guessed, as with most things related to paying for college, it’s a lot more complicated that that in an apples vs. oranges sort of way.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing between a public and private college or university, specifically as it relates to what it’ll cost you… [Read more…]

Scholarship Myths Debunked Infographic Style

scholarship myths debunkedThere are many myths out there when it comes to college scholarships and financial aid, whether it’s how awards are distributed, who’s eligible for what, or what you have to do to get money for education. Unfortunately, it’s more complicated that just pulling money out of a hat!

That’s why we were so thankful to come across this visual breakdown from FluidReview Scholarships, a scholarship management software company, that dispels some of the confusion about scholarship. [Read more…]

Does Where You Go to College Matter? - I'm going to college so I can get a good enough job to pay for college.So what exactly do business leaders think of a fancy college degree from a top tier university? Not much if a recent Gallup poll conducted on behalf of the Lumina Foundation is to be believed. The results found that only 9 percent of 628 business leaders surveyed said a job candidate’s alma mater is very important (and 54 percent said it’s not important at all!) when making a hiring decision.

So the big question: Is it worth the extra effort (and extra cost!) to aim for the big name universities? [Read more…]