Find Out How a Childhood Game “Lit” Up Awareness About an Important Campus Issue

Giant game of Red Light, Green Light to raise awareness of sexual consentRemember playing the game Red Light, Green Light in the neighborhood cul-de-sac as a kid? It was probably everyone’s first lesson in understanding that green means go and red means stop.

A recent highlight for George Washington University in Washington, DC was its week-long campus-wide conversation about their fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau’s record-breaking game of Red Light, Green Light. [Read more…]

Students at This College Have Been Experiencing Life in Cuba for the Past 15 Years!

Hampshire College study abroad in CubaAlthough domestic travel to Cuba just recently became more accessible and widespread, students at Hampshire College have been immersing themselves there for years through a unique program. In fact, November will mark the 15th year of Hampshire College’s Cuba Study Abroad Program. [Read more…]

Battling College Textbook Costs

If you think spending more than $5shutterstock_14305548400 for textbooks is insane, you’re in for a rude awakening. A Student Watch study conducted by OnCampus Research reported that college students will spend an estimate of $662 annually on required course materials this year.

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New Program at University of Florida: A Paw-Print In History

veterinary forensics program at University of FloridaStudents who are outraged by animal cruelty and want to help lend a voice to pets who can’t speak for themselves can now earn a living of it, thanks to a new program at the University of Florida. The spring 2013 graduating class at the school was the first group in the world to receive certificates in Veterinary Forensic Sciences.

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