8 Wacky College Majors

wacky college majors
For generations, moms and dads have been bugging their kids to choose a “practical” major. The following list is not only career-driven, but it also encompasses some of the most interesting and off the beaten path fields of study available to you.

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New Website Offers “Reality Check” About College Costs, Graduation Rates

The College Reality Check website is an insightful new tool for applicants.The wonderful thing about the Internet is the ability to do your own research about college costs, degrees, and other aspects of higher education. At the same time, so much information is online that you need to find trusted sources of information, or else you can be mislead and enter into college unprepared.

That’s why we give a thumbs up to a new website by The Chronicle of Higher Education, simply called College Reality Check. The folks at The Chronicle consistently are on top of higher education news and trends.

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Project Management Degrees Help You Lead a Team

project management prorgramsOne of the most highly valued jobs out there, adept project managers are secret weapons for the businesses lucky enough to get them. This degree focuses on one skill — how to lead a efficiently team through a multi-faceted project from beginning to end. To do that, project managers have to be well-versed in how their business runs from top to bottom and understand the abilities and limitations of their team members. Applicable in many types of business settings, these managers could work on projects ranging from healthcare policies to construction initiatives.

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Want One of the Best Jobs in America? Try Computer Programming

computer programming degrees and schoolsUS News and World Report ranked computer programmers #5 on their Best Technology Jobs list and #13 on their list of the top 100 jobs. That’s because compared to other gigs, programmers have it made. Dedicated to writing, developing, and de-bugging software, computer programmers can be found in tech companies, financial services firms, corporations, healthcare companies, and every level of the government. While grads in other majors struggle to find work, computer programmers hit the ground running with a job market that’s expected to grow 22 percent between now and 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many jobs also come with the ability to work remotely which could mean skipping the morning commute a few days per week or fulfilling your 9 to 5 from an exotic locale. Computer programmers oftentimes enjoy impressive company benefits packages that include health and dental care, tuition reimbursement, and substantial paid time off.

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