8 Wacky College Majors

wacky college majors
For generations, moms and dads have been bugging their kids to choose a “practical” major. The following list is not only career-driven, but it also encompasses some of the most interesting and off the beaten path fields of study available to you.

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Public Colleges Will See Higher ROI Than Private Colleges By 2025

return on investment on your college degreeWhat influences your college decision? For many students, the cost of a higher education plays a huge role in this process. [Read more…]

New Website Offers “Reality Check” About College Costs, Graduation Rates

The College Reality Check website is an insightful new tool for applicants.The wonderful thing about the Internet is the ability to do your own research about college costs, degrees, and other aspects of higher education. At the same time, so much information is online that you need to find trusted sources of information, or else you can be mislead and enter into college unprepared.

That’s why we give a thumbs up to a new website by The Chronicle of Higher Education, simply called College Reality Check. The folks at The Chronicle consistently are on top of higher education news and trends.

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You’re In the Money with a Finance Degree

finance degrees and schoolsA finance degree program is typically part of a school of business within a college or university, or a concentration or major at a business school. You can also earn your degree in finance at any level online, studying at top business schools or universities without leaving your home. An online degree is especially suitable for working adults who want to improve their earning power and stand out in today’s competitive business environment while balancing the demands of home, work and study.
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Cure the Job Blues With a Career in Medical Administration

medical administration programsMedical administrators don’t get to administer actual medicine, but they are a vital part of the healthcare system. Medical administrators handle the back end processes that make hospitals, clinics, private practices, and other treatment facilities run like clockwork.

Also called healthcare administrators or health service managers, medical administration personnel oversee patient financial records and billing, supervise staff, develop healthcare initiatives and programs, ensure that medical facilities are meeting budgetary benchmarks, and work with investors, governing boards, and the medical community to address current and future needs.

Because the job involves a high level of in-person interaction with workers from both in and outside the medical community, top-notch communication skills are a must along with the ability to problem-solve, think critically, and stay up to date on the ever-changing world of health care regulations.

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