For Many Students, Accounting Degree Programs Really Add Up

accounting degrees and accounting schoolsThese days, a career in accounting has a much broader scope than just tax preparation and doing a company’s payroll. Although those job functions are still in demand, the accounting field has grown to become an integral part of corporate, government, non-profits, financial and investment institutions and small business enterprises. Maintaining and assessing an organization’s or individual’s financial statements, records and tax implications while observing accounting best practices makes accounting a vital occupation in a constantly growing field. Carving out your niche as an accounting professional is a smart career choice.

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You’re In the Money with a Finance Degree

finance degrees and schoolsA finance degree program is typically part of a school of business within a college or university, or a concentration or major at a business school. You can also earn your degree in finance at any level online, studying at top business schools or universities without leaving your home. An online degree is especially suitable for working adults who want to improve their earning power and stand out in today’s competitive business environment while balancing the demands of home, work and study.
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Control Your Future with a Financial Management Degree

If you enjoy working with numbers, thinking about mathematical concepts, and analyzing financial data to draw conclusions that can be applied to organizations for real-world success, a financial management degree can lead you to a fulfilling and lucrative career.

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Become Head of the Pack With a Management Degree

There’s a reason that business and management degrees are a perennial fave among those looking to jump ahead in their careers. These credentials, available as in nearly any form ranging from certificates all the way up to Ph.D.s, provide eager students with a firm background in how businesses run and the basics of finance, accounting, commerce, economics, and business communication. Available on campus or as online management degrees, students can choose a general management degree track or to specialize in an area like nonprofit, healthcare, hospitality, human resource, or construction management.

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Launch Your Career With a Marketing Degree

marketing degree, Marketing schoolThe good news for future marketing majors is that nearly every organization needs those who can smartly market their product or service. The bad news is that competition is fierce. If you’ve got a knack for packaging and strategizing the best way to sell a message, this is the place for you. [Read more…]