Nine Celebrities and Notables Who Schooled Online

We’ve all heard the hype about the convenience and flexibility of online education. But if these stars managed to school online while in rigorous training for sports or even the small screen, there’s got to be something to the claim.

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“Glee” Guest Star Learns Online, Too

One of the aspects to an online education is that you may never see your classmates or professor face to face. The introvert in you may absolutely love that idea. That privacy, and the flexibility, also may be what was so attractive to Charice, the 18-year-old Filipino singer who has a guest role on “Glee” as an exchange student.

Charice, whose self-titled album debuted in May and whose fans include Oprah, tells USA today that she’s a freshman in Southern New Hampshire University’s online program. The paper says her backup plan is to be an entertainment lawyer.

The school, which offers more than 50 online undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs, picks out reasons why it believes online learning may be a good choice for students, and here’s three of them that apply to most any school with an online component:

• You want to get ahead—but between your job, your kids and your household tasks, it’s difficult to get to class

• You know how to stay motivated and keep your eye on your goals

• You desire to join a learning community of go-getters from across the world

Charice is smart to be pursuing education while her fame continues to grow. If you’re currently employed and moving up in your career, remember that you don’t have to put that aside for school, especially with the flexibility of learning online.

-Lori Johnston

9 Reasons You Should School Online

Everybody knows online education means you can learn anytime, anywhere – a major motivation for students on the go. But flexibility is not the only reason to pursue an eDegree. Consider nine more:

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