Text Messages Designed to Keep Students on the Right College-Bound Track

college application text message reminders When it comes to keeping on top of your college-bound to-do list, wouldn’t a few text messages here and there help? After all, if a potential college sent a quick text to remind you that you should get started on your application essay or begin compiling recommendation letters, your life would be so much simpler, wouldn’t it?

Lucky for students in Delaware, this will soon become a reality. [Read more…]

College Rivalry Alert: Lehigh vs. Lafayette?!

Lehigh vs. Lafayette: Rivalry 150There’s just something about a rivalry. You can smell it in the air, taste it in the tailgate food, and hear it from the fans. Everything is more intense.

As one of America’s storied traditions, college football holds nothing back when it comes to rivalry games. Teams aren’t just fighting to win the game; they’re battling it out for school pride, town or state accolades, and bragging rights for a whole year. Some of the best and most intense college football rivalries are Alabama vs. Auburn, Michigan vs. Ohio State, USC vs. UCLA, Florida vs. Georgia and… Lehigh vs. Lafayette? [Read more…]

Which Northeast Colleges Are Most Affordable?

which colleges are most affordableWith the rising cost of a college education, it’s no wonder the “best bang for your buck” colleges and universities continue to gain a valuable reputation. Most students have a similar goal: To pay less and make more. [Read more…]

Are College Frats Going to be a Thing of the Past?

is it the end of frat life as we know it?They may be… at least, fraternity life as we’ve known it. [Read more…]

Which Colleges Have the Happiest Students?

happiest college studentsBefore you start humming Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song all day long, allow us to explain…

We’ve all heard the saying “happy wife, happy life” but how about “happy students, happy school”? On their own happy tip, College Choice, a college ranking and review website, has published a list of the top 50 U.S. colleges and universities with the happiest students.

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