U.S. News Releases Best Online College Programs for Veterans

best online college programs for veteransJust in time for Memorial Day celebrations comes U.S. News & World Report’s 2014 Best Online Programs for Veterans rankings. [Read more…]

School of Rock? New Online Music Degree Program Debuts

Berklee School of Music to offer onlinemusic degreesHow would you like to share a classroom with the likes of chart-topping rockers and big-name music producers and studio execs? That’s just what students who enroll in the Berklee College of Music’s new online program will be doing. With members of Nine Inch Nails, Dave Matthews Band, and Sugarland already signed on to pursue their music education via Berklee Online, you never know who your classmates will be!

Ready to learn more about this unique degree world tour, beginning in 2014? Read on… [Read more…]

7 Myths and Facts About Online Learning [Infographic]

The number of online learning students is close to 7 million….we’d say now’s the time to dispel some of those online learning myths and get at the “click into school” truth!

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Why You Should Consider an Online Graduate Degree

consider an online graduate degreeOnline learning isn’t just for people starting out with an undergraduate degree program or trying to complete their bachelor’s degree.

E-learners include working professionals and adult learns seeking to advance their education with graduate degree programs. You’ll find online graduate programs offered in a huge variety of subject areas, from engineering to health care to information technology to business and beyond.

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Best Online Degrees in 2013: What the Rankings Say

online degree rankingsWe are a rankings- and ratings-obsessed nation. Nielsen ratings help determine which TV shows stay on the air, and the ratings that reviewers post online help us decide which products to purchase.

Higher education is certainly no stranger to the rankings universe – U.S. News & World Report has been ranking colleges since 1983. But this is only the second year that the news magazine has ranked online education programs.

Nearly 860 online education programs (up more than 20 percent from the 2012 list) were evaluated by U.S. News for 2013. Only degree-granting programs that met the federal standard of 100 percent online course delivery were evaluated – no blended learning here. As U.S. News has stated from the start, it is ranking programs, not schools. Also note that the rankings make no distinction between nonprofit and for-profit schools’ programs.

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