Art Students Need Scholarship Love, Too

shutterstock_150914066When you think of scholarships, you probably associate them with sports, academic achievements, or being part of a minority group. Where does that leave students whose strengths include creativity, artistic talent, and design skills?

For those who are thinking of attending The Art Institutes — which offers art, design and culinary programs in over 50 locations nationwide — there are 19 art scholarship opportunities earmarked for art-focused students.

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Web Design Degrees Can Open the Door to Creative Careers

Web Design degrees, Web Design schoolsThese days, you would be hard pressed to find a company, non-profit organization, or public figure without a website. Web designers create websites that provide a home on the web for their clients and that are attractive and intuitive for visitors to navigate. A career in web design requires aesthetic design skills and an understanding of marketing, as well as a fluency in web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web designers may be on staff at a company or organization, they may work for a web design firm, or they may freelance for many of their own clients.

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Fashion Retailing Careers Are Always in Style

fashion retail careers educationDo you love fashion? Do you have an eye for style? A degree in fashion retailing, sometimes called a fashion and retail management degree, will give you the advantage you need to advance in this fun and fulfilling industry.

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Get Paid to Be a Gamer in Game Art & Design

Many young gamers dream about creating their own video games as a career option. Game art & design jobs used to be the venue of a lucky few, but with growth in the industry combined with amazing advances in technology, artists and designers are in demand. The game art & design aspect of the video game industry is the process of creating, sketching, animating and “imagining” the visuals the game designer envisions for the game’s content. Although a basic understanding of the game-making process is necessary, the game art & design function doesn’t require the level of technology skills and knowledge as the game designer. But the game art & design professional must have a high level of computer skill to be familiar with complex gaming software.

There are several education tracks to earning a bachelor’s degree in game art & design. There are numerous degree programs in which game art & design is a concentration area of a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. In addition to general education required courses, classes in a bachelor’s program include the game design process, texture mapping for games, character animation for games and level and environment design.

Another game art & design bachelor’s degree program option is a degree in game art. Students learn to create 3-D models, scene design, in-game effects and the use of textures and lighting. Most game art & design bachelor’s degree programs require the student to complete a final design project. Although there is often an onsite lab component to earning your degree in game art & design, there are online bachelor’s degree programs available. Campus-based programs are available at both art schools and art departments of liberal arts colleges and universities often found through the fine arts or media arts department.

Master’s degree programs in the game art & design industry are primarily in the concentration area of video game design, which is the more technology-based degree track. Graduates become game programmers, game software testers, game support specialists and systems administrators.

The career outlook for game art & design is excellent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, although job growth for the fields of multimedia artists and animators is only expected to grow 8% from 2010 to 2020, the demand will grow due to consumers wanting more realistic video games, movie, television special effects, and 3-D animated movies. Graphic designer jobs are projected to grow at 13% from 2010 to 2020 with median annual pay in 2010 of $43,500. The lowest 10% earned less than $26,200 and the top 10%, more than $76,910 in 2010.

Imagine being paid to play with games all day! Combining your artistic talent with an exciting and growing media sector could be your dream job. Consider a career in game art & design and be part of a work group that makes a living doing what they love.

Visualize Your Graphic Design Career

graphic design degree, graphic deisgn schoolGraphic design combines art and technology, creating and executing visual concepts to convey ideas and images via print and online media. Graphic designers are the professionals putting images with words in advertising, giving the added punch to messages for consumers to capture their attention about a product or service.

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