Are College Frats Going to be a Thing of the Past?

is it the end of frat life as we know it?They may be… at least, fraternity life as we’ve known it. [Read more…]

These 10 Questions Can Make or Break Your Roommate Relationship

questions to ask your new college roommateBeing inquisitive is a great way to really get to know your new college roommate. Icebreakers are everything when it comes to new people and surroundings, that’s why we loved this list of 10 favorite questions prepared by the residence-life staff at Dickinson College, a liberal-arts school with 2,400 undergrads. [Read more…]

How To Stop Your Roomate from Eating Your Food (and other dorm problems…)

Dealing with a rude roommate? Use these five steps to overcome dorm difficulties.Dorm life can be disastrous for some students. When you wake up in the morning and find someone (ahem, your roommate) has finished off the last glass of milk and eaten your last bowl of cereal, it can get your day off to a rough start. [Read more…]