Get on the Ball with a Fitness and Exercise Degree

fitness jobsIt may not get as much publicity, but in addition to the financial crisis and the health care crisis, Americans face another public crisis: obesity. More than one in five Americans is classified as “obese,” while 62 percent weigh more than their “ideal” healthy weight. Studies show, and common sense supports, that combining a healthy with exercise is the best way to lose or maintain weight.

It’s no surprise that the number one New Year’s resolution each year is to “lose weight.” It’s not surprising that fitness and exercise professionals are in high demand. Your fitness and exercise degree can prepare you for a career as a personal trainer, exercise instructor, sports specialist, or coach. [Read more…]

New Website Offers “Reality Check” About College Costs, Graduation Rates

The College Reality Check website is an insightful new tool for applicants.The wonderful thing about the Internet is the ability to do your own research about college costs, degrees, and other aspects of higher education. At the same time, so much information is online that you need to find trusted sources of information, or else you can be mislead and enter into college unprepared.

That’s why we give a thumbs up to a new website by The Chronicle of Higher Education, simply called College Reality Check. The folks at The Chronicle consistently are on top of higher education news and trends.

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Jump Into a High-Demand Job With a Master of Science in Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)The Baby Boomers are retiring. The millennials are coming up, but in the mean time, there’s going to be a major healthcare shortage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that healthcare currently comprises one-third of the country’s fastest growing occupations. Between 2010 and 2020, the United States will have openings for 712,000 new registered nurses. A Master of Science in Nursing can help you nab the a job in that field.

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Web Design Degrees Can Open the Door to Creative Careers

Web Design degrees, Web Design schoolsThese days, you would be hard pressed to find a company, non-profit organization, or public figure without a website. Web designers create websites that provide a home on the web for their clients and that are attractive and intuitive for visitors to navigate. A career in web design requires aesthetic design skills and an understanding of marketing, as well as a fluency in web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web designers may be on staff at a company or organization, they may work for a web design firm, or they may freelance for many of their own clients.

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Step on to the (Crime) Scene with a Degree Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology degreesDo you love shows like CSI? Would a career working closely with a team of brilliant people, in exciting, ever-changing settings, appeal to you?

Make no mistake, a career in forensic psychology is not exactly like those crime investigation TV shows, but it is an exciting and financially rewarding career. To compete in the top of the field as a forensic psychologist requires a doctorate in the field.

Those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field can work as a psychological assistant, and earn their doctorate while they work. A number of online graduate and post-graduate degree programs exist in forensic psychology.

A forensic psychology degree combines an education in law with a clinical or counseling psychology degree program.

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