More People See Grad School in Their Future: Are You One of Them?

Is grad school in your future?Investing in an advanced education is never an easy decision, but a recent report released by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) about the growth of the GRE revised General Test implies that more students are in the midst of apply to grad school. In fact, the GRE® Program saw impressive growth all around the world in 2013, with a 5 percent increase of test takers in the United States.

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15 Things You Can Do with a Graduate Degree [Infographic]

15 things you can do with a graduate degreeEven though the Council of Graduate Schools recently reported that first-time enrollment in graduate certificate, education-specialist, master’s, and doctoral programs increased by 1.8 percent from the fall of 2011 to the fall of 2012 — reversing two consecutive years of declines — the large majority of that growth was from international students. First-time graduate enrollment increased by only 0.6 percent for U.S. citizens and permanent residents over that time period.

We certainly understand the challenges of a poor economy and uncertain job market, which is why we came up with 15 reasons to attend grad school as a bit of motivation. Just look at all the things a graduate degree can have you do….

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New Program at University of Florida: A Paw-Print In History

veterinary forensics program at University of FloridaStudents who are outraged by animal cruelty and want to help lend a voice to pets who can’t speak for themselves can now earn a living of it, thanks to a new program at the University of Florida. The spring 2013 graduating class at the school was the first group in the world to receive certificates in Veterinary Forensic Sciences.

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How Pursuing a Graduate Degree Is Like Going to Kindergarten

how graduate school is like kindergartenAt first glance, kindergarten and advanced education don’t appear to have much in common. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll discover some surprising similarities.

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Earn an Elementary Education Degree and Engage Young Learners

elementary education degree programsDo you live to teach and inspire young people? From the days you played on your easel chalkboard, with your stuffed animals lined up in neat rows listening attentively, have you dreamed of being a schoolteacher? A degree in elementary education is the first step to a profound and rewarding career as a teacher for grades K – 6.

Teachers are among the most influential people in the lives of young children. As an elementary educator, you’ll be responsible for imparting academic, social and motor skills to students in public or private schools.

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