Online Series Offers Tips for Mid-Career Nurses Earning Advanced Degrees

mid-career nurses back to schoolAre you a mid-career nurse looking to go back to school to earn an advanced degree?

If the idea of hitting the books again at this time in your life scares you, fear no more. [Read more…]

Get on the Ball with a Fitness and Exercise Degree

fitness jobsIt may not get as much publicity, but in addition to the financial crisis and the health care crisis, Americans face another public crisis: obesity. More than one in five Americans is classified as “obese,” while 62 percent weigh more than their “ideal” healthy weight. Studies show, and common sense supports, that combining a healthy with exercise is the best way to lose or maintain weight.

It’s no surprise that the number one New Year’s resolution each year is to “lose weight.” It’s not surprising that fitness and exercise professionals are in high demand. Your fitness and exercise degree can prepare you for a career as a personal trainer, exercise instructor, sports specialist, or coach. [Read more…]

In Healthcare, Education Equals Opportunity

shutterstock_31035061When thinking about starting a new career, it’s wise to choose an industry that is booming so that you will have job security and many opportunities for growth. That seems to be the case for healthcare right now, with the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 3.2 million jobs will be created before 2018.

To meet the demand, colleges and universities are adding unique programs of study to prepare students with the skills they’ll need to be successful. [Read more…]

Industry Growth Enlists Health Care Administration Professionals

Health Care Administration degreesGrowth in the health care industry in all its facets — patient care-delivery sites like hospitals, medical insurance organizations and government health care policy makers — is driving the demand for skilled health care administration professionals. Whether you see yourself managing a medical office or running a hospital, the administration side of health care is expanding as rapidly as the need for health care providers and medical specialists. Health care administration personnel are required to have knowledge in all aspects of managing or administrating these complex care delivery systems.

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Go Paperless with Health Information Management

You’re probably familiar with the term “going paperless.” Most offices and organizations are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling and moving information to an electronic format. In the health information management field, there are other critical motives behind transferring data to a more cutting-edge storage platform. Patients’ medical records and other vital information are being transitioned to an electronic record, called an electronic health record or EHR. Doctors’ offices and medical treatment facilities are now being required to convert their paper records to the EHR format.

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