Santa’s Naughty or Nice List: The College-Bound Version [infographic]

College-Bound-Naughty-Nice-List-headline“You better watch out….” especially if you’re college-bound!

Leave it to us to come up with a naughty or nice list that will earn you an A+ when it comes to getting into college. Read on…

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April Fools’ Day Jokes So Smart, They Have To Be From Colleges & Universities

April Fool's Day pranks from colleges and universitiesIt takes some smart cleverness to pull off a really good April Fool’s Day joke. These colleges and universities get an A+ in that department…

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Our Top College Research, College Prep, Financial Aid, and Online Learning Trend Posts of 2013

best college bound, colleg advice blog posts of 2013‘Tis the season to look back on the past year and revel in all you’ve accomplished, right? Well for us that means re-reading some of our favorite college advice posts, including these we think you’ll enjoy and learn from. ICYMI, here are the top college research, college prep, financial aid, and online learning trend posts of 2013…. [Read more…]

Celebrate Book Lover’s Day with

Celebrate Book Lover's DayOn a recent summer Sunday night in New York City, it was incredible to walk into The Strand Book Store and find people everywhere browsing through the independent book store’s whopping “18 miles of books.” I snagged a $3 paperback copy of Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, a favorite of mine that popped up as No. 27 on Entertainment Weekly’s recent list of the 100 All-Time Greatest Novels, while buying a Lego Star Wars book for my son and a copy of an out-of-print history book for my husband. [Read more…]

Four Summer Jobs That Won’t Rot Your Brain

Discover what you can learn in a summer job.Summer jobs can offer a brief hiatus from the rigorous of college studies, but you don’t have to completely put your mind on cruise control.

These five summer jobs can give you cash for college, but the work also could help you in school this fall, and even identify potential career paths and associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs.

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