How to Stay Motivated When You’re Learning Online

how to stay motivated as an online studentEveryone hits a wall sometimes. Maybe online learning is turning out to be harder than you thought, or the demands of life and work just feel overwhelming. But don’t quit now. Try some of these tips to help you maintain your motivation for online learning. [Read more…]

Everything You Need to Know About Online Learning [Infographic]

When it comes to online learning, there’s a lot to learn, which is why we compiled everything you really need to know to succeed in one place!

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Online Learning Research Shows How Listening to a Lecture Isn’t Much Better Than Watching TV

why it won't be hazardous to your brain if you miss in-person lectures in online learningThe advantages of interactive learning over passive lecture experiences have been well-documented through the years, but I would have thought academic lectures were at least a step up from Snooki’s antics on “Jersey Shore.” Not so much.

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Can You Cheat in an Online Class?

can you cheat in an online college class?Plagiarism detection sites and software have been in the business of foiling academic cheating for quite some time. But when it comes to cheating in the online classroom, preventing dishonesty can get a bit trickier. Read on to get answers to six frequently asked questions about the hot-button issue of deception in online degrees.

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Top 5 Questions About Going Back to School

top five questions of adults interested in returning to collegeMaybe you’ve been thinking about going back to school for quite a while, but there are some burning questions you need answered first. Well, you’re in luck – we’ve compiled and answered the top five questions adults have about going back to school, particularly for those weighing the possibility of online degrees.

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