5 Year Old Wins Big in Got Milk? Scholarship

5 year old wins got milk scholarshipFive year old Brooke Payan of Orange County, California just made us all look bad. [Read more…]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Creates Scholarship for UCLA STEM Students

bigbangtheoryReality and fiction have collided and are causing a “Big Bang” of their own for STEM students at UCLA. For these students, television certainly will not ruin their brains. In fact, its purpose is to do the exact opposite. [Read more…]

You’ll Never Believe How Much These Scholarships Are Worth!

largest college scholarshipPaying for college isn’t getting any cheaper, and even with financial aid and scholarships, many students and their families struggle to make ends meet. If that’s you, listen up! The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation announces that two of the nation’s most generous scholarships – each valued at $40,000 PER YEAR – will accept applications this fall.
[Read more…]

Domestic Violence Scholarships Designed to Empower Students

domestic abuse scholarshipsDomestic violence is a serious matter that requires a long road to recovery. This is why Cleveland law firm, Laubacher & Co. has established the Domestic Violence Law Firm Scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship is designed to assist those who have experienced or observed domestic violence. Laubacher & Co. wants to uplift and honor these victims through this award. [Read more…]

Cost and Value: What You Need to Know About Public and Private Colleges

shutterstock_39798982On paper, if you’re going strictly by sticker price, it would seem that public colleges and universities are the much more affordable option as compared to private institutions. But as you may have guessed, as with most things related to paying for college, it’s a lot more complicated that that in an apples vs. oranges sort of way.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing between a public and private college or university, specifically as it relates to what it’ll cost you… [Read more…]