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Technology Issues Add to College Stress — Surprised?
November 7th, 2012

Halloween has passed, but here’s a horror story college students often face: The paper or project that you’ve spend hours on suddenly disappears from your computer screen. You immediately try to bring it back, trying hard to resist throwing your laptop across the room.


Top 10 Reasons to Do Summer School Online
July 5th, 2012

Sun, sand, and surf… Who wants to miss glorious warm weather activities just to sit in a classroom all summer long? As it turns out, you don’t have to abandon fun in favor of academia. Even if studying is the last thing on your mind this summer, take a look at the top 10 reasons you should stay in school – online, of course.


7 Things Military Students Should Look For in an Online School
July 2nd, 2012

military students and online learningAs we reported recently on, when some schools see military personnel, they see dollar signs. After all, what school wouldn’t want a piece of the more than $4 billion that colleges have already collected under the new GI Bill?

Not all schools are preying on service members, though. Many colleges and universities hold military students in high regard, tailoring online programs to their unique needs.


Variety of Scholarships Available to Learn Online
March 14th, 2012

Learning online can be more flexible and affordable, but it still may mean a financial sacrifice for you to be an online student.

As you evaluate costs, don’t rule out the option of scholarships, with some scholarships being geared toward online learners.