Scholarships That Will Inspire You

scholarships that will inspire youScholarships are often awarded to the best and brightest among us – the superstars. But what about those who haven’t had it easy, those who have suffered immensely challenging or even tragic circumstances? Good news: Scholarships are available for survivors, too. Take a look at some inspirational scholarships that offer a hand up to students who are committed to overcoming obstacles via education.

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More Wacky Scholarships You Wouldn’t Believe

wild and wacky scholarshipsIf you were amused by 10 Scholarships That Sound Fake, But Aren’t, you’ll be tickled to discover even more wild and wacky scholarship offerings in the college financial aid arena. Let the fun continue…

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From Sticky to Sweet (and Lots in Between): Surprising Scholarships

Stuck at Prom scholarship winnerScholarships aren’t just for the smartest kids in the school. It’s encouraging to see companies, non-profit organizations, and other groups awarding cash for college to students who are something other than the best in their class, an excellent test-taker, or the standout athlete.

In fact, some scholarships allow students to have fun, demonstrate their creativity, let others see their passion for a hobby or cause, and even show off their silly side.

Here are a handful of the more unusual scholarships available for students. And don’t worry — there are plenty of other odd scholarships around, which are promoted online and maybe even in your local town.

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10 Scholarships That Sound Fake, But Aren’t

10 scholarships that sound fake but are notScholarships for cloggers, daughters of the Confederacy, and vacuum coating technologists? They might sound too wacky to be true, but believe it or not, these scholarships are the real deal.

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