Six Interesting Ways to Work Your Way Through College

Have you ever wondered why college students are typically assumed to be broke? Well, it’s usually because they are. As a college student myself, I long for graduation day simply in hopes of finding a “real job” and making “real money.” In the meantime, I wait tables, which happens to be one of the most common and best-paying jobs a college student can have.

Although I find myself encountering interesting — and by interesting, I mean weird and unusual — customers during every shift, my job is considered to be a pretty ordinary way to work your way through college. In this post, however, we will explore some of the not-so-ordinary ways to work your way through college…    [Read more…]

6 Ways to Blow Your Chances at a Scholarship

blow your chances at getting a scholarshipThere are so many ways you can blow your scholarship chances. For instance, plagiarizing your essay, utilizing bathroom humor, and threatening the scholarship committee are all excellent ways to get your application removed from consideration. In this post, however, we’ll examine six of the more common scholarship snafus – and how to avoid them.

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13 Secrets That Can Help You Snag That Scholarship

scholarship secretsGetting a scholarship may seen daunting, but there are a million+ scholarships out there, some of which are extremely generous to college students. Feel like you need a leg up? Of course you do. That’s why we’re generously sharing 13 snag-a-scholarship secrets you can put to good use. Good luck!

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