Why Doesn’t the Sun Go to College?

When you’ve been bogged down with schoolwork, thinking about where you’d like to attend college, studying for your entrance exams, and worrying about financial aid, it may be time for a break….

Why didn't the sun go to college? MyEducation.com

You’re welcome!

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College Presidents Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

College presidents take on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALSTime to give your obsessive watching of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos the “ol’ college try…” [Read more…]

Senior Class President’s Selfie Steals the Show

graduation selfieBut first, let me take a … #GraduationSelfie?!

Hey, if it’s cool enough for Ellen and Hollywood’s hottest at the Oscars, it’s cool enough for High Point University senior class president Matt Jakubowski. [Read more…]

Study: College Students Grouped Together On Facebook Do Better

Students who used a Facebook group for college class scored better on tests.The next time someone tells you that Facebook is a worthless distraction, you can show them a new study from Baylor University. [Read more…]

Using Vine in College Admissions

Vine and college admissionsEvery college that’s entered the digital age has a Facebook and Twitter account, and usually a YouTube channel, too. These outlets are an excellent way for applicants to get an inside look at the school and even interact with reps and students through the magic of social media.

Vine is the new kid on the block – the mobile service launched in January 2013 – but it has already made quite an impression on the social media universe, with more than 13 million users. A free app from Twitter, Vine allows you to create and share short, looping videos from your iPhone or Android phone.

And when we say short, we mean it – the videos only last six seconds. But you’d be surprised how much you can say and show in that time span. Remember seven years ago when we thought 140 characters wouldn’t be enough?

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