‘The Big Bang Theory’ Creates Scholarship for UCLA STEM Students

bigbangtheoryReality and fiction have collided and are causing a “Big Bang” of their own for STEM students at UCLA. For these students, television certainly will not ruin their brains. In fact, its purpose is to do the exact opposite. [Read more…]

How to Stay Motivated When You’re Learning Online

how to stay motivated as an online studentEveryone hits a wall sometimes. Maybe online learning is turning out to be harder than you thought, or the demands of life and work just feel overwhelming. But don’t quit now. Try some of these tips to help you maintain your motivation for online learning. [Read more…]

Get on the Ball with a Fitness and Exercise Degree

fitness jobsIt may not get as much publicity, but in addition to the financial crisis and the health care crisis, Americans face another public crisis: obesity. More than one in five Americans is classified as “obese,” while 62 percent weigh more than their “ideal” healthy weight. Studies show, and common sense supports, that combining a healthy with exercise is the best way to lose or maintain weight.

It’s no surprise that the number one New Year’s resolution each year is to “lose weight.” It’s not surprising that fitness and exercise professionals are in high demand. Your fitness and exercise degree can prepare you for a career as a personal trainer, exercise instructor, sports specialist, or coach. [Read more…]

Santa’s Naughty or Nice List: The College-Bound Version [infographic]

College-Bound-Naughty-Nice-List-headline“You better watch out….” especially if you’re college-bound!

Leave it to us to come up with a naughty or nice list that will earn you an A+ when it comes to getting into college. Read on…

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Text Messages Designed to Keep Students on the Right College-Bound Track

college application text message reminders When it comes to keeping on top of your college-bound to-do list, wouldn’t a few text messages here and there help? After all, if a potential college sent a quick text to remind you that you should get started on your application essay or begin compiling recommendation letters, your life would be so much simpler, wouldn’t it?

Lucky for students in Delaware, this will soon become a reality. [Read more…]