Have No Fear, No More Test Scores Needed Here…

no more sat and act scores for this schoolCan success be predicated without the dreaded standardized test score? Should tests like the SAT and ACT really determine the fate of students? [Read more…]

Smartphones in Higher Education: Good or Bad?

smartphones and studentsA year-long study published by Rice University uncovered something quite surprising about students and smartphones. [Read more…]

Public Colleges Will See Higher ROI Than Private Colleges By 2025

return on investment on your college degreeWhat influences your college decision? For many students, the cost of a higher education plays a huge role in this process. [Read more…]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Creates Scholarship for UCLA STEM Students

bigbangtheoryReality and fiction have collided and are causing a “Big Bang” of their own for STEM students at UCLA. For these students, television certainly will not ruin their brains. In fact, its purpose is to do the exact opposite. [Read more…]

College Admission Goes VIP

college admissions VIPTell me if you can relate: When I was applying to colleges, I was turned off by the schools that sent me mailing after mailing after mailing. I didn’t want a school that was begging me to apply. Instead, I chose to apply to and attend a college that only sent me information when I requested it.

But at that time I had never heard of VIP applications, which are all the rage in the current college admission environment. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s 2012 State of College Admission report, about a quarter of all colleges now use VIP apps, also known as fast apps, priority apps, and pre-populated apps.

[Read more…]